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Person-situation Interacton theories

Using the scenario below:
Provide a summary of the scenario.
Decide on two theorists associated with studying person-situation interactions and apply their theories to the scenario.

Isabella is a sophomore in college who is spending her Spring Break at Rocky Point for the first time. She drinks heavily, engages in sexual activity with strangers, sleeps through the day to be ready to party at night, and spends most of the week in a bikini. She is very outgoing with everyone she meets. When the semester ends, Isabella goes home for the summer to be with her parents. Isabella dresses conservatively, and is usually home by midnight, unless she spends the night at a friendâ??s house. Her parents believe her sexual activity has been limited to a boyfriend she dated for two years. Isabella has not mentioned dating anyone since the break up. When she goes to the beach with her parents, Isabella wears a one piece bathing suit. She is generally outgoing, friendly, and considered a â??good girl.â? Her parents had once hoped she would marry the boy next door, until he got a tattoo.

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This solution identifies theorists associated with person-situation interaction, and discusses the application of their theories to a specific scenario.