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    Ethical Dilemmas in Academia

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    Can someone help me with a brief description of Dr. Aaron Hutchin's ethical dilemmas as they relate to professional oversight depicted in the media titled "The Lab" (see Website below)? Should the professor reinforce good work habits in the graduate students and postdoctoral students? Should the professor tell Gregg to go home or keeping working? Is it fair or unfair to Greg to let him go home? What about if he keeps on working? Which ethical principle is most relevant to the dilemma and how could it be ethically resolved?

    (See Website URL of interactive Lab of the character Aaron Hutchins).

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    The presentation deals with reporting on academic dishonesty. Having close relations with grad students and post-docs is essential to this. The presentation was cynical in that good relations are valuable only because they can show problems before they start. Most of the questions dealt with dealing with graduate students, managing time and reporting transgressions (even with little evidence).

    This is the gist of the thing. Ethically, it was uninteresting because it assumes that major names are concerned with objectivity. This might be the case with obscure issues, but on issues that have explosive political consequences (such as race and IQ), universities actually enforce the falsification of data.

    The comments below are my opinions based on many years in academia. You need not agree with them, but you have to deal with them.

    "Teaching" and "grant writing" came up. No major research lab professor does either. Professors such as this have it fairly easy. His reaction "office hours are 2-4" is snotty and unbecoming. It was passed over in silence and contradicts the rest of the presentation. It was also noticed that there were no undergraduates anywhere. He has made it clear that students are not an interest.

    He sent the post-doc home. Post-docs, however, do many of the things he's worried about. These guys don't work until 3am, they make others do it. There is not a huge amount of difference between post-docs and graduate students. Science is ...

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