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    Transformational leadership

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    Explain how you view transformational leadership as an enhancement to organizational leaders, to those who work with them, and to their organization.

    Give examples and support your assertions with current research.

    Read the Bass article "Two Decades of Research and Development in Transformational Leadership" from European Journal of Work & Organizational Psychology, volume 8, issue 1, pages 9-32.

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    Transformational leadership embodies great potential to enhance a workplace in terms of better rapport, collaboration, morale, retention, productivity, creativity, and critical thinking. By modeling and emulating positive behaviors and values, this style can encourage creates followers to maintain not only their work goals and tasks but also cultivate them into leaders as well. Using inspirational motivation, high standards, clear communication, and charisma, it reiterates a clear sense of purpose to provide vision and optimism for work and tasks. Alignment is another obvious area where this leadership style is advantageous. For example, transformational leaders encourage followers to accomplish more by recognizing and honing on the followers' values and helping them to better align these values with the missions ...

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    500 words and 2 articles briefly support personal ideas concerning how transformational leadership can function as an enhancement to organizational leaders, to those who work with them, and to their organization. Personal and professional assertions using current research are also presented in this help guide.