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Support Of or Against a Social Proverb

Finding Evidence in Support Of or Against a Social Proverb
i) Your instructor will separate the class into work groups of three to four members each.
ii) The goal of this assignment is to find evidence from the available social psychological literature regarding a proverb or saying relevant to social behavior. By researching the literature, your group should be able to make a clear evaluation about the truthfulness of the proverb. In writing the Social Proverb group paper, your group will need to state clearly the reasons for your final evaluation of the proverb by including citations from academic journals and other sources.
iii) For your literature search, you will want to utilize the EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier and PsycARTICLES research databases found at the Library website.
iv) You first need to choose a proverb to write about (see suggested list of proverbs in the course Resources section).
v) Each member of the group should find at least three references that contain relevant social psychological theory and/or research. (The three references used must be different from the references used by each of the other members of your group.) It may help to look over the course textbook for ideas and references. Remember that you will need to read most of the articles you find so you can describe to the group the research that is relevant to the proverb. You should not spend more than one page describing any single study.
vi) Your final Social Proverb group paper should finish with a final conclusion about your proverb or quotation, as well as any shortcomings, weaknesses, etc. of the social psychological literature relevant to it. Review a sample paper in the course Resources section (permission was obtained from student and professor to share the paper).
vii) Grading of the Social Proverb group paper will concentrate not only on the content of the paper, but also the mechanics of the writing (e.g., spelling, grammar, organization, etc.). The paper should be approximately 8-10 pages long (not counting title page, table of contents page, or bibliography). The paper should be double-spaced and is worth 20 points.
The proverb we have decided on is:

I would rather be disliked for who I am than liked for who I am not.

My question is I can not find any information on the cons of this social proverb. I am not for sure where I should be looking. I have entered the proverb into the search engine and only Kirk Cobain comes up. If you could maybe point me in the right direction or give me some ideas on the matter. Thank you.

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If I understand this correctly, you have chosen to evaluate the proverb "I would rather be disliked for who I am, than liked for who I am not".

You are not looking for the literature articles, only trying to understand the 'cons' of living by this proverb.


This proverb basically means that you are not going to go along with things that you don't believe it, just to fit in - so this is ...

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