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Psychological Principles Related to Coincidences

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How are psychological principles related to coincidences? Do you believe coincidences exist? Do you accept them, or do you attempt to explain them? Explain your response.

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** How are psychological principles related to coincidences?

Are there, in fact, any psychological principles that are related to coincidences? Stanford University offers interesting research titled, 'Methods for Studying Coincidences' ... Modern Observational Studies in Psychology Related to Studying Coincidences, which says, "The brain processes and recalls information in ways that we barely understand. Clearly memory failure, selective attention, and the heuristic shortcuts we take in dealing with perceptions can sometimes deceive us into being surprised or lull us into ignoring rare events. The literature offers some work on the psychology of coincidence. Some of this work relies on observational studies, and some of it verges into experiments when the investigator compares opinions on the same topic following different stimuli."
> http://statweb.stanford.edu/~cgates/PERSI/papers/mosteller89.pdf

Santa Clara University showcases a study called, "What a Coincidence! The Effects of Incidental Similarity on Compliance"
> http://www.scu.edu/cas/psychology/faculty/upload/coincidence.pdf

Shippensburg University says, "Synchronicity is the occurrence of two events that are not linked causally, nor linked teleologically, yet are meaningfully related. Once, a client was ...

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This solution explores how psychological principles are related to coincidences; if one believes coincidences exist; if coincidences are accepted; and if there is an attempt to explain them. Plus, a scientific or logical explanation is duly provided for the responses. All references used are included.