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Missing Information in Articles

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Give the APA reference for the article, followed by a brief overview of the issue and the author's position on the issue. Then offer your analysis of the article regarding missing information and suggest information to support the argument. Include some information resources that would assist this author in his/her decision-making matrix.


The New JW/org: Watchtower/s attempt to tame the Internet (2012, September 3). Retrieved January 29, 2913, from http://jwsurvey.org.

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(1) Give the APA reference for the article, followed by a brief overview of the issue and the author's position on the issue.


The article discusses the decision by Jehovah Witnesses to downsize from its previous three websites on the Internet to one contact outlet. The Watch Tower Society website cite its reason for discontinuing its previous websites to just one was to more effectively serve as the single point of contact for people seeking to assess Jehovah's witnesses online. Based on the Op Ed, it was decided to consolidate three sites into one referred to as Jw.org. The new site was viewed as appealing and easy to navigate, and suggested a minor improvement. However, the issue raised in the article, according to the author, no new content was provided regarding religious instruction. For example, the Watch Tower Society had suggested that its primary focus of the new website would be offer "an appealing picture of [their] preaching work". The writer of the Op Ed asserts that the religious organization took on a distinctive new look with deceptive intentions. For example, the religion claimed that a newsroom section would provide up-to-date reporting on events affecting God's people worldwide. However, it is argued that rather than highlighting its religious beliefs and practices in a more positive light, a closer inspection of ...

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This solution provides an overview of an author's position on specific issues, and offers an analysis of the missing information in the article.

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