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Death Penalty/Eugenics

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I'm not sure what the teacher is looking for here:

Access the following web sites and report on what types of information/data is available. Also what information is missing or not available on the web site.

a. www.ccadp.org
b. www.eugenics.net

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1. Access the following web sites and report on what types of information/data is available.

A. www.ccadp.org e.g. Canadian Coalition on Death Penalty website refers to itself as the ultimate death penalty resource.

a. Information about Canada's view on the death penalty

Canada and The Death Penalty

" If this wretched, demeaning law goes back on the books
everyone of us in this society is demeaned by it."
- Pierre Burton, Canadian Author

Note: It provides mostly subjective data (e.g., self-report from death row prisoners and followers or supporter through various medium (e.g., message boards, links for pen pals, etc.)) as seen in the following links:

b. Prisoner Webpages link:

It includes personal self-report data from individual death row prisoners and her or her supporter, through the medium of web pages written by death row prisoners and her or his supporters. For example, the CCADP provides free web pages to death row prisoners. Information on the prisoner web pages are provided by the individual prisoner and his or her supporters. The CCADP has not investigated or verified the information provided on the pages. We are providing this space to the prisoners so they have the opportunity to be heard in a public forum. We invite you to further investigate these cases - both by contacting the prisoner or supporters for more information (see Prisoners Webpages at http://ccadp.org/inmates.htm).

c. ...

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