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Goal Setting Vs. Goal Striving

What are three ways goal setting differs from goal striving

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Goal setting is when we make a decision to reach for some purpose. The problem is that, in some cases, this goal is not something we reason about, but is part of our instinctual makeup. For example, if we hold that all humans seek pleasure and avoid pain, then our pursuit of pleasure at any given time will not really be something that we have decided. We may measure the possible outcomes of the goal relative to pleasure or pain, but the end purpose itself is not under our control - it is a part of being human.

There is no difference between goal setting and goal adoption. These are synonymous. Where do our goals come from? That is the issue of debate. There are external goals, like when we are told to get something. If we are in college, we know that we have to take classes and do well for 8 semesters to graduate. This is an external goal in that it is imposed from the outside.

Internal goals are goals that either a) are automatically a part of our makeup, or b) that we decide for ourselves. Internal goals are hierarchically organized. For example, I might want to be a rock star. I learn to play the guitar and join a band. The band fizzles. So I settle for being a guitar teacher at a local music store. Or I get another job and just play as a hobby. These are how internal goals are set. Apparently, even this ordering can be done without our conscious approval. We "settle" for a mate that is below our standards because we have a self-destructive streak, or we have low self esteem ...

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