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How to be an Effective Communicator

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Consider the following: "To be considered effective today, a communicator needs the ability to be able to gain a keen understanding of the experiences and thinking patterns of the individual or individuals that they are trying to communicate with. In addition, the communicator must have a firm grasp on word usage and a very large vocabulary in order to increase the probability of using the correct words in making the greatest and most effective impact on others. A communicator must also have a positive mindset and the ability to make other individuals comfortable with them, so that these individuals will be more receptive to the communications that the communicator is trying to relay to them."

1). My question is when speaking to a group, how do you see a speaker doing just that?
2). Do you see there are a series of steps?

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1) When speaking to a group the speaker can accomplish this by doing research on the demographics of the area in which you will be giving the speech, which will give him information on the racial, social economic level, and customs and mores, of the majority of the individuals within that area. Utilizing this information the ...

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The expert determines how to be an effective communicator. The ability to be able to gain a keen understanding of the experiences are determined.