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Mental Health Issues in Our Lives

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What are your thoughts on the content of this discussion below as it relates to how mental health issues affect us directly or indirectly in our lives. Do you agree or disagree? Why

A person's mental health is very important to not ignore. If there was a person showing signs of violence and/or giving threats then someone who witnesses these actions need to speak up and get this person help or evacuated before they do harm on themselves or others. People who suffer from mental illness, need to not isolate themselves, it's best to talk to someone about what they are feeling, keep active, ask for help when in need of it, doing something that you are good at to get your mind of the bad, and accepting who you are. If there were better resources for someone that has mental health issues, then it may help with decreasing the suicide rates and depression. Some studies suggest that what you eat affects your mood. A good balance diet will make sure you have all the essential nutrients needed for your brain to function well. Also, getting exercise can make a person's down mood go into an upbeat of energy. Get involved with something out of the ordinary, like volunteer work, join a club or committee, play a sport, join a mediation group. The more things you do, the more connected you feel with the world around you. Doing something for someone else will give a good mind set of good deed done. And without doing these things into our daily lives then it will affect the person in a greater deal because it hasn't made a positive in the person's life of doing what's good. Seeing a professional can get very pricey for talking to someone about your problems, maybe have a non-profit group or counselor that will do the good deed in helping others with mental illness. However, most of us take our "mental health' for granted, it's such a basic, yet unseen, part of who we are, it doesn't seem to merit a lot of thought compared to everything else going on in our lives or in the world. .But the reality is that mental health is a major factor in all aspects of each of our lives. We see it in our relationships, performance at work / school. The line between work and home life is often mistaken, so home is no longer a place of rest. We are constantly bombarded with information. But no one tends to use it. This is our problem with American society. We have the media to mess with our heads, and it causes the chaos.

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This essay is about various mental health issues. It gives some basic information on some skills that may help some basic issue.

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I agree with this especially the last sentence the media always seems to make things ten times worse than it actually is or was. We all need to learn to take time for ourselves to think about things ...

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