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Effects of Stress and Burnout on Nurse's Job Performance

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Please see the cited article and address the following:
Gandi, J. C., Wai, P. S., Karick, H., & Dagona, Z. K. (2011). The role of stress and level of burnout in job performance among nurses. Mental health in family medicine, 8(3), 181.

1. Are the methods reliable & valid?
2. How do the findings affect that gap in the literature?

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This is a short answer in how stress and burnout can affect how we do our jobs and in effect our lives.

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The methods that were chosen to prove reliability and validity. The points of emotional exhaustion and having a reduced sense of accomplishment are valid points for these are the beginning points to suffering from 'burnout'. The variables are there to prove that 'burnout' is a problem for nurses of both sexes. More for female nurses than male ...

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