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    Posting will deal with mindfulness and explain how it can help

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    Mindfulness is a technique that is used for many disorders such as anxiety, OCD, and depression. However, anyone who utilizes the technique can benefit from it. But what exactly is mindfulness and why has it become more widely recognized lately? This posting will deal with this and similar questions.

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    Generally speaking, mindfulness involves being present "in the moment." The term "moment," however, does not necessarily mean today as it does "right now." As developed in a full program known as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) by Jon Kabat-Zinn PhD, mindfulness serves as a grounding technique to help the individual learn how to center their thoughts and cognitions on what is going on in the present moment. Therefore, if a client presents with anxiety over a number of things going on in his or her life, mindfulness teaches them to withdraw from the current preoccupation and focus on the present usually while breathing in and out. Thus, the person may close his or her eyes and focus on the sights, sounds, and sensations present at that very second. If an external thought comes in ...

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    This posting deals with mindfulness and how it can benefit people in many ways both emotionally and physically.