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Personality traits of Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar is a famous motivational speaker who inspires thousands of people on a daily basis. Help with defining the specific personality traits of Zig Ziglar is given, along with references.

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First of all, you might identify his specific personality traits. Zig Ziglar is diligent, optimistic, and highly motivated. He is goal-oriented in his approach to life and leadership. Zig's personality traits also denote a sense of hope, empathy, integrity, fortitude, and consistency as h encourages others as he leads by example. His is faithful, honest, and morally good as well. He also admits that the most important traits in a leader include: "Integrity, honesty, courage, commitment, wisdom, humility, consistency, faith" (www.leadernetwork.org/zig_ziglar_november_04.htm). Balance is another personality trait that he seems to exhibit. He also represents other attributes such as patience, hard ...

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An overview of personality traits of Zig Ziglar are listed.