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Financial Analysis Exercise - Marketing Manager for the Zig Brand of Microwave Oven

As the Marketing Manager for the Zig brand of microwave ovens in a large consumer products company you must answer the questions found below with the following financial information regarding your product.

Total market for Microwave Ovens 5 million units
Current yearly sales of Zig brand 750,000 units
Direct factory labor $13.20 per unit (VC)

Raw materials
Salesperson's Commissions $50 per unit (VC)
10% of Manufactures Selling Price (VC)
All factory and administrative overheads $2,000,000 (FC)
Retail selling price $300 per unit
Retailers margin 20%
Jobber's margin 20%
Wholesaler's margin 15%
Sales travel expenses $800,000 (FC)
Advertising $3 million (FC)

Distribution channel is Manufacturer  Wholesaler  Jobber  Retailer

In order for you have the correct answers for the following six questions you must determine the selling price for the manufacturer, The selling price for the manufacturer is $163.20. Please show all calculations that end up with the selling price based on the information above.


1. What is the contribution per unit for the Zig brand? Answer ____________________

2. What is the break even volume in units and in dollars? Answer ___________________

3. What market share does the Zig brand need to break even? Answer _______________

4. What is the current total contribution? Answer ________________________________

5. What is the current before tax profit of the Zig brand'? ___________________________

6. What market share must Zig obtain to contribute a before tax profit of $100 million?

Answer ___________________________

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Retail selling price is $300. The retailer margin is 20% which is 300X20%=60. The retailer price is $240. The jobbers margin is 240X20%=48. The jobbers price is 240-48=$192. The wholesalers margin is 192X15%=28.80. The wholesalers buy price is 192-28.8=$163.20 which is the manufacturers price

1. What is the contribution per unit for the Zig brand? Answer ____________________

Contribution margin = selling price – variable cost
Variable costs are
Direct Factory labor 13.20
Raw Material 50
Sales ...

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