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    Cellular phone vs. microwave oven

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    The average output power of a GSM cellular phone is 1.0W when it is "ON". The phone can be treated as a point source of E-M waves emitting spherical waves.

    (a) Calculate the intensity and peak electric field E(max) of the phone's E-M waves in your brain, which is about 5.0cm away from the phone when it is applied directly against year ear.

    (b) What is the intensity and peak electric field of E-M wave inside a microwave oven, whose area of cross-section is A=0.25m x 0.30m and the average E-M wave power is 500-W.

    (c) How the electric field in (a) compares with the safety regulation of EPA for microwave oven, which says that leaking of more than 5% of the E-field from the oven is harmful to the human body.

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    a. Intensity,
    I = P/(4pi r^2) = 1/(4*pi*0.05^2) = 31.83 W m^-2

    I = c e0 E^2
    => E = sqrt(I/c e0) = sqrt(31.83 / ...

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    For a specified microwave oven and a cellular phone, intensity and peak electric fields are estimated and the fields are compared. The intensity and peak electric field of the cellular phone's E-M waves in the brain.