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    Sampling, Recruitment, Collection

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    In this discussion, you will describe your sampling and measurement plan for answering key evaluation questions for your program evaluation proposal. This is an extended discussion and should be 300-400 words.

    At the beginning of your post, again briefly provide the following information about your proposed program evaluation for your peers' review:

    Clinical area of concern.-addictions
    Clinical intervention to be evaluated.-person centered therapy

    After completing the multimedia piece in this unit that describes reliability and validity issues in selecting samples and measures, provide the following information about your program evaluation plan:

    The proposed sampling procedure (with rationale for your choice).
    The proposed recruitment procedure (with rationale for your choice).
    The proposed data collection strategy for the quantitative components of your study (for example, a test, measure, or some other way of measuring responses, symptoms, or attitudes).
    The proposed data collection strategy for the qualitative components of your study (for example, a recording of interviews, journaling entries, or narrative written responses).
    Reliability, validity, and credibility information, including a justification for how your sampling and measurement plan will provide reliable, valid, and credible information.
    For this discussion, include current APA style citations for at least four scholarly resources that support your evaluation plan. This may be a combination of book sources and at least two peer-reviewed journal articles.

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    Sampling, Recruitment and Collection

    For this research in the topic of addiction issues among adolescents, I believe that it is important to utilise strategies that are easy to deploy and gives participants the freedom to answer but one that can also provide inaight to attitudes. As such, to measure impact of a person-centered therapy program on a teen suffering from addiction issues, I have decided to use a specifically designed Likert-type scale to measure participant attitudes and opinions in terms of their experience and impact. Because it is a specific population that I have to address an due to the limitations associated with cooperation, I am using a non-probablistic form of sampling, targetting specific individuals within a particular program who are ...

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