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    Perception Cohesive Responses

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    Jim and Janice are hiking in the woods and come across a baby bear. Neither is very knowledgeable about nature and they foolishly stop to photograph the cub. The mother bear perceives this as a threat to the cub and charges at the couple.

    Choose either Jim or Janice and respond to the following in a two to three paragraph cohesive response. Please do not simply answer the questions separately.

    What emotion does the chosen individual feel? Is it a basic emotion or is it learned? Does gender or culture make a difference in the reaction? Describe the likely physiological, cognitive and behavioral responses to that emotion.

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    I will use Janice for the basis of my response.

    It is obvious from this story that Janice did not perceive the bear cub as a threat. The decision to take the photograph was likely motivated by her perception that this baby bear was harmless and would make for a positive memory of her hike with Jim. Obviously, she was not aware that a protective mother bear was nearby and would likely find her a threat to her baby cub.

    This is a common scenario as her behavior was likely both learned and emotionally driven. Most women have an innate tendency to nurture, ...

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