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Three examples of perception

Name three examples of perception: one that could be explained by a bottom-up approach, one that could be explained by a top-down approach, and one that could be explained by an integration of these two theoretical approaches. Be sure to come up with your own examples and reference a specific theory (or theories) with each of them. Include in your response why understanding these theoretical approaches is important to understanding cognition. Also include how social and cultural context may affect both perception and cognition.

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Examples of Perception:

Perception is used with an aim of making sense of information and how the world is perceived. The bottom-up and top down processing complement each other while at the same time work together. There are various examples of a perception which could be explained through the use of a bottom up approach which involves the act of processing information while having an emphasis on the sensory receptors importance arising as a result of detecting the basic features available in a pattern (Perception, 2009). An example of this approach is the way autistic individuals perceive items such as a church is not the way a normal person perceives it.

An example of a top-down approach is when an individual fails to ...

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Examples of perception, including a bottom-up approach and top-down approach and an integration of the two. A brief discussion on the theoretical approaches and understanding of cognition is also given along with the effects of social and cultural context on perception and cognition. References are included in this 424 word response.