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Concepts of sensation and perception

This job offers examples and resources to show and explain these concepts.

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In an experiment on Perceptual Set, people will only notice the items that they are familiar with or predisposed to use. So, if you would ask your roommate to come into your room and only remember the items that are white; if they are the same gender as you, they will remember things in your room that they have in their room or things that they would use from your room. If they are of an opposite gender, the effect is more pronounced. They will remember things that they would use or have been thinking of recently.

Perceptual set is the theory that expectancies or predispositions strongly influence perception. Like selective attention, the participant only notices the things that have meaning to them or that they may have been thinking about most recently. It's like the glass half empty or half full idea. If you have one perspective (you are thirsty), you'll see the glass half full. If you aren't thirsty and are washing dishes, the glass is half empty. Of course, the phrase, "glass half empty" is usually used metaphorically ...

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Concepts of sensation and perception are modeled using everyday examples.