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The Limbic System, Amygdala, Hippocampus and what happens when such structures are damaged

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What is the limbic system? What does it control and what happens when sections are damaged?

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The Limbic System

Limbic means 'border', and is the collective term for the brain structures that lie in the border region between the HYPOTHALAMUS, CEREBRAL CORTEX and related structures.

The limbic system functions as a whole and controls an individual's emotional behaviour and drive. The central point of the limbic system is called the HYPOTHALAMUS, with the other structures being positioned around this area.

The entire system is surrounded by the 'LIMBIC CORTEX', (this is a modified cerebral cortex). Connections with the brainstem are mediated through the MEDIAL FOREBRAIN BUNDLE and the SEPTAL, ORBITOFRONTAL areas.

A key area of the limbic system is the AMYGDALA; this is a complex of nuclei, located immediately beneath the surface of the ...

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