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Reliabillity of a Mental Health Professionals Testimony

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I need to take a position related to reliability of clinical judgment and write an argument about the admissibility of mental health professionals' testimony.

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Consider the angle of using mental health professionals as a way to resolving the "unanswered questions" in the observation to the why the crime or incident happen. Try and think of the reliability of clinical judgment on measures that opposes and / or jurors can witness first hand or of evidence with logical assessment. The reliability of clinical judgment is on the basis of aiding the factual documentation of the defendant on testing and observation during a specific period of time. The method is in consistency by defendants during testing periods that mental health professionals can expertly relay a profound understanding, such as;

a) Any discrepancies from prior testing methods results (try and think of potential untruths or conflict of behaviors or answers)
b) Connecting the similarities in assessment data on possible mental disorders as reasonable cause for the particular crime or incident (try and assess the connectivity to the mental ...

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The review into Reliabillity of a Mental Health Professionals Testimony.