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Ethical Principles and Conduct for Psychologists

This person reviewed the ethical principles and code of conduct for Psychologists that also apply to other forms of mental health practitioners on the American Psychological Association

In your opinion, do you believe that their discussion has any value on the subject of ethical and legal responsibilities? Why or why not?

The ethical principles and code of conduct for Psychologists is very important for mental health practitioners to use because it allows for certain standards to be met, along with professionalism in the field. It can also keep the professional up to date on current practices and help make sure their training and education is where it should be.

I believe these principles and code of conduct are valuable because they can help keep a mental health practitioner from doing the wrong thing. Standard 2: Competence is a principle from the list that I strongly believe needs to be followed. Standard 2.01 states that psychologists need to provide services in their area of expertise only, based on their education background and professional training (apa.org). I believe this is very valuable for the psychologist because without it, anyone could say they specialize in an area. For example: professionals that specialize in treating children would not want to advertise to adults and say they a professionals in marriage counseling. It would be unprofessional and could cause psychological damage to those in their care.

These principles are also valuable for the patient. The patient has the right to safe and understanding guidance from the professional. The patient also deserves to feel like they can develop a sense of trust in the therapist. Without these, the relationship will be strained and the correct diagnosis may not happen. This could cause a malpractice suit against the therapist if something was to go wrong. As long as the therapist follows the guidelines in the code of conduct and continues to have good ethics, then most likely there will be no problems.

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That is the reason why there are Standard Operating Procedures for professionals and workers in this area. You still have to make sure that the education that the counselor or professional may say they have is of a ...

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This is a short essay for the Standard Operating Procedures for professionals in Psychology. It covers some of the ethical issues that may arise. It is giving the reader a chance to make sure that the program(s) the student chooses they should make sure that it stresses competence in the educational program but also does it allow the students in a graduate program to be competent in the professional world as well.