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Client confidentiality

The principle of client confidentiality is fundamental to the professional relationship between clients and their counsellors/therapists. However, in rare and very specific circumstances, counsellors in Canada are legally and ethically required to disclose confidential material to third parties, even without the client's consent. As a result, this solution identifies the three most important exceptions to confidentiality in a personal manner.

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This is an interesting topic. We all know that therapists, doctors, lawyers should be bound to confidentiality - this is the reason why people are able to trust these individuals. Otherwise, people would never feel comfortable telling therapists their feelings and emotions.

There are exceptions to this case, and the one that stands out the most is: child abuse. If a therapist discovers child abuse, then this gives them the authority to break confidentiality. When the life, safety and well being of a ...

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This posting examines three rare cases when client confidentiality be broken by the therapist in order to protect the safety of others.