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Parenting Impact on Social and Cognitive Development

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Every parent has their own way of parenting and there are three styles of parenting. The first style is permissive. Permissive parents are very nondirective and avoid trying to control their children. Parents that use this style of parenting seem to be avoiding conflict with their children and these children may push their limits to obtain the things that they want. The second parenting style is authoritarian. Authoritarian parents have rules and control their children. The third style of parenting is authoritative. Parents that use the authoritative style parenting "are neither permissive nor authoritarian, but somewhere in the middle. A balance between the styles is what a child needs to nurture and grow healthy.

Too strict or too lenient is not a good thing.

The parenting style that is chosen will impact cognitive and social development. The communication between a parent and child and how involved the parent is with the child will impact the decisions that a child makes in life, how they feel about themselves and the goals the will achieve and how they treat others. Every parent wants what is best for their child so it is important that they are structured and guided in the right direction.

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I would agree that being too strict or too lenient is not a good thing in parenting, which makes the authoritative style of parenting the most efficient and ...

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The solution discusses the parenting impact on social and cognitive development.

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