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Example of how child personality can affect parenting styles

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It is very true that a child's temperament can have a tremendous influence on how people respond to them. Take a child with colic for example. Colic occurs in about 15-20% of infants and involves prolonged bouts of intense crying for no apparent reason at all! A baby with colic can cause even the most calm, laid back parents to snap. The combination of frustration, sleeplessness and concern can manifest itself in anger and hostility toward the child and everyone else!

This is a prime example of a reactive relationship on the environment. Characteristics of the child elicit certain types of physical and social environments. So, in essence, "People act on their environment so as to shape and select their experiences (Rutter, 1997).

Can you think of some other situations that children can affect their parents style?

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Provides an example of how a child's behaviors might affect parenting styles and the parents' response to the child.

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Another situation that relates to this one could be the situation of a child with autism. While some children with autism seem normal during their early development and then begin to show symptoms, many parents report that their child has behaved differently from normal babies from the very beginning. A baby with autism may avoid eye contact and ignore the facial cues, such as smiling, that normal babies fixate on and imitate. The child with autism may not want to be held or touched, and may stiffen and pull away when a parent attempts to cuddle them. ...

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