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    Cross-cultural cognition

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    Explain the five characteristics below of African Americans. This needs to be roughly 1,000 words. Please include any references in APA format. Thank you for your assistance.

    cultural practices and traditions
    Parenting/childrearing practices
    Elder care

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    ? History

    Due to racial discrimination that include: (a) lynching's, (b) slavery, and (c) legal separation, African Americans have lived a history filled with hatred and aggression. As presented in the literature, the hatred of Black Americans is reflected in their continued struggle to achieve equal rights. Moreover, the attitudes against African Americans in the United States have been set into policies and traditional practices of personal and institutional racial segregation. Thus, race significantly affects all of the African Amrican person's life. According to Ponterotto, Casa, Suzuki, & Alexander (1995), the refusal of African American people in the United States to resist oppression has resulted in separate white and black societies (p. 462). In addition, According to Massey & Denton, 1993 as cited in Ponterotto et al, 1995) , more than one third of African Americans continue to live under conditions of extreme racial segregation. Even African Americans who escape poverty are still relocated to the stigma of being uncivilized.

    ? Family

    The family has been the primary vehicle for the socialization of their value and culture (Clark, 2011). Even though African Americans are no longer enslaved in bondage, they still suffer the vestiges of slavery. For instance, they possess little economic and political power. As a consequence, many have become depressed and despondent in ways that have impacted the African American family in the United States. For instance, African American families tend to be single family models. According to Ponterotto et al (1995), African American single mothers' self- hatred (resulting from stigmatization) combined with the deprivation of any real long-term affection, ...

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    This solution examines characteristics of African Americans within the context of their cultural practices and tradition.