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Journal Article Review: "In Pursuit of Wellness: The Self-Care Imperative"

I need help developing thoughts and ideas on summarizing, interaction, and an application for the journal "In Pursuit of Wellness: The Self-Care Imperative" by Barnett J.

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Article Review: Journal Article on Ethics in Practice

-Authors: Jeffrey E. Barnett (editor), Ellen K. Baker, Nancy S. Elman & Gary R. Schoener
-Title: FOCUS ON ETHICS - In Pursuit of Wellness: The Self-Care Imperative
-Publishing Details: Vol. 38, No. 6, 603?612, The American Psychological Association
-Year: 2007

The article, edited by Barnett and co-authored with Baker, Elman and Schoener (2007) is a unique study into the practice of experts in the field of psychology in terms of keeping psychological wellness in practice. The authors touch on something essential - how do psychologists in practice keep themselves psychologically and holistically healthy? Their practice places them in a position where they are exposed to a host of demanding, challenging and emotionally taxing situations. As such, practitioners must adequately keep themselves healthy through a structured and focused practice of self-care to prevent burn out and to maintain psychological wellness. Important elements of self care are discussed especially addressing self-care throughout a career in practice. Expert commentaries give depth to these discussion including positions, steps and perspectives. The authors also identify the current state of wellness in the practice and the realities and difficulties that practitioners face so that it puts themselves and the profession at risk. The article appears to be a critical material in that it highlights current issues so as to call for action as practitioners must be psychologically healthy to practice effectively with effective practice essential to provide comprehensive assistance to clients as befit the demands of current ethical and professional codes ...

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The pursuit of wellness for the Self-Care Imperatives are determined.