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    The Effect of Hope on a Cancer Patient

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    How does hope have an effect on a person with terminal cancer? How might an individual help a patient to generate or sustain hope in dealing with the cancer? Explain how hope might relate to the stress response and the immune response system.

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    Hope is the expectancy of something good to happen in the future. It can play a role in how a person successfully copes with illness and in the improvement of someone's life. When it comes to terminally ill patients, hope can be sustained and strengthened by reconciling relationships with family and friends, assisting with exploring spiritual concerns, and in controlling symptoms. There are four main sources of hope which include family, friends, doctors or healthcare professionals, and God or a higher power. For ...

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    This solution looks at the effect that hope has on a person with terminal cancer, how another person can help generate or sustain hope in a cancer patient, and the relationship between hope, the stress response, and the immune system.