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Harm of reporting abuse

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Please help with the following problem.

I'm writing a 5 page on how to mandate reporting of abuse can do more harm than good. I'm trying to present examples of this special situation. I'm looking for good examples so I can expand on this and possible outcomes of "more harm caused by reporting".

Thoughts and comments welcome.

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The harms of reporting abuse are discussed in this posting. Concepts discussed include the social harm caused by domestic violence. The explanation is given in 333 words.

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Examples of Mandate Reporting can do more harm

1. "Seized Mennonite children home soon" in Winnipeg Free Press, Oct. 5/13
- In this situation, there are several factors to consider. Is there harm for the children to be removed from their community into a strange community. Is this not also harmful for the children? Was there better alternatives than seizure of the children? It is the mandate as mental health professionals report abuse- in this case of allegations- is report and seizure the best course of ...

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