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Theories of Family Violence

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Explore the various theories regarding Family Violence in Chapter 1 and the Week 1 Assignments Folder. Using the worksheet table, compare each theory of Family Violence. The table includes a column which summarizes the theories, another column which mentions the similarities, a column noting the differences and finally a column giving an example. Then write a short 3-5 paragraph synopsis of your matrix. Also, include which theory appears to offer the most hope for understanding the cause of Family Violence. Why is that theory more complete or acceptable?

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On this matrix there are several theories for why family violence occurs. Within these theories are several bigger subsets of psychological thinking that these fall into. There are the psychodynamic theories that focus more on a person's childhood relationships for the main cause of family violence in later life. Then there are the social theories which focus more on interactions in the social arena, such as work, community, etc. Finally, there are the cognitive/behavioral theories that focus on family violence ...

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The various psychological theories that help explain the reasons for family violence.