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    Extrasensory Perception, Hypnosis & ESP

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    Extrasensory Perception

    Introduction: NASA has just notified you that you have been selected to travel in the next space shuttle! Congratulations! This will be the first shuttle to travel to another galaxy, to a distant world called Psychic where everyone uses his or her psychic abilities. In preparation for the trip, you will need to learn all that you can about the field of parapsychology, a subdiscipline of psychology that conducts research on all types of psychic ability (called psi).
    Task: Also need to include in your report an original example of each term:
    ? Telepathy
    ? Clairvoyance
    ? Precognition
    ? Psychokinesis

    Please provide a 1-1.5 page include a brief overview of the early parapsychological research of J. B. Rhine, and a brief discussion of some of the reasons many scientists believe that psi phenomena are unworthy of research.

    The final item that I would like for you to discuss is your personal thoughts about psi research. Have you ever had which might be categorized as a psychic experience? Has anyone you know had such an experience? Do you think that psychologists should study these phenomena? Why or why not?

    Information Sources must include in paper:

    ? Begin the search by obtaining working definitions of psi terms at these sites: Definitions and at the "Psi" link at this site
    ? Information on J. B. Rhine's work may be found here: J. B. Rhine and Rhine
    ? David Myers reports some of the arguments against psi at: David Myers
    ? If you have an interest, you may read an overview of parapsychology here.



    Introduction: Tonight's Lottery winner has just been announced and you know that you purchased 5 Quick Picks this week, hoping this would be your lucky day. The announcer comes on and says that the winning ticket, the winner of 50 million dollars, was purchased at the same store that you went to for your tickets! With hopes running high, you dash around your house trying to remember where you put your tickets. All that you can remember is that when you came home from the store you stuck the ticket away in a "safe place." Unfortunately, you just can't remember where that safe place is, and you frantically leaf through your telephone book to find the name of a hypnotist who could put you in a hypnotic trance and reveal the location of your ticket. Since it's late at night and all the hypnotists in town are sleeping, you have a chance to think this over and you realize that you know absolutely nothing about hypnosis. Before you pay someone to work with you, you will need to learn a bit about hypnotism. You will also want to do a bit of research to determine if it is possible to remember something while hypnotized that you can not remember in a nonhypnotized state.

    Task: The history of hypnotism and what hypnotism actually involves. You will also explore how hypnotism is used.
    Please provide 1 to 1.5 page of should include a brief overview of hypnosis, its history and uses. The final item that I would like for you to discuss is your personal thoughts about whether you think a hypnotist might be helpful in finding your winning Lottery ticket!

    Information Sources must include in paper:
    ? Begin your WebQuest by reading a brief account of the history of hypnosis.
    ? A definition of hypnosis and an overview.
    ? Access the Scientific American article on hypnosis, and scroll down to the section titled The Truth and the Hype of Hypnosis.
    ? Read about how hypnosis is used in fighting crime
    ? Finally, read about hypnosis and memory and repressed memory


    Four to five sentences of what you think, no right or wrong answer:

    The discussion of ESP with the caution "keep an open mind about ESP, but also maintain a healthy sense of scientific skepticism." What do you think about this subject? Are telepathy and clairvoyance possible? What about psychokinesis and precognition? Have any of these phenomena happened to you or to someone that you know personally?

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