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Physical Change

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1. There are a number of physical changes that occur between conception and old age. Which physical change do you believe has the greatest impact on an individual? Explain your answer.

2. What are the personality qualities and family dynamics of individuals who are most likely to exhibit anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and/or obesity? Do you see any similarities or differences in the cause of these eating problems? What are they?

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The expert determines if there is a number of physical changes that occur between conception and old age. The physical change which has the greatest impact on an individual is determined. What the personality quantities and family dynamics of individuals who are most likely to exhibit anorexia are determined.

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1) Here is a healthy, newborn baby. As his/her parents admire him/her, they wonder, "What will s/he be like when s/he grows up? Will s/he do well in school? Will s/he get along with other kids and be happy?" I believe that the answers to these questions depend in large part on how young a child's brain develops, and that this development in turn depends largely on the nutritional, medical, emotional, and intellectual support his parents, extended family, and community provide for him during his childhood. Recent advances in brain research have provided great insight into how the brain, the most immature of all organs at birth, continues to grow and develop after birth. Whereas this growth had been thought to be determined primarily by genetics, scientists now believe that it is also highly dependent upon the child's experiences. Research shows that, like protein, fat, and vitamins, interactions with other people and objects are vital nutrients for the growing and developing brain, and different experiences can cause the brain to develop in different ways. It is this "plasticity" of the brain, its ability to develop and change in response to the demands of the environment, that will enable Michael to learn how to use computers as successfully as his ancestors learned how to hunt animals in the wild. As he grows, Michael's ability to understand language, solve problems, and get along with other people will be influenced by what he experiences as an infant and young child. This is not to say that individual genetic differences have no influence on how a child develops; they do. But there is mounting evidence that experiences affect the way genes are expressed (i.e., turned on and off) in the developing ...

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