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    Telling chemical and physical changes apart

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    Which of the following show chemical or physical change?

    a) Boiling canned soup
    b) Toasting a slice of bread
    c) Chopping a log
    d) Burning a log
    e) Dew condensing on a leaf
    f) An egg turned hard when boiled
    g) Ice cream melting
    h) A spoonful of batter cooking on a hot griddle

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    a) Boiling canned soup
    Boiling water is a physical changes, since the steam you release can be changed back to water simply by lowering the temperature. Soup is mostly water, so boiling it is a physical change. With respect to the food inside, the food is already cooked, so there should be no chemical change going on.

    b) Toasting a slice of bread
    When bread is browned, its sugars are being burned slowly in a process called the Maillard ...

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