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Should Boys and Girls Be Raised the Same Way?

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I need help in developing points of my perspective. My position: "My law will apply in all respects to girls as much as to boys: the girls must be trained exactly like the boys...The present practice is in our own part of the world is the merest folly; it is pure folly that men and women do not unite to follow the same pursuits, with all their energies." (Plato, Laws, Book 7, Section 804). I need to answer these questions when presenting my case:
1. Explain your reasoning.
2. In your responses...How convincing are the arguments you're reading? Are the arguments based on personal testimonies, personal experiences, stories? If so, challenge them to provide the scientific evidence to support it - or tell them their rationale is opinionated refuge.
3. Are you relying on personal experience or scientific evidence in your reasoning and response? Hint...rely on scientific evidence and cite your source!

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In the close analysis of Plato's quote on the training of boys and girls, if read in proper context, It is my understanding that he was referring to the way that we rear boys to be dominate and girls to be passive and respectfully the outcome is usually that men in our society begin and end with a comparative advantage by yielding the majority or more of the ...

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The expert determines if boys and girls should be raised the same way. How to convince the arguments in reading are given.