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Masculine/Feminine Constructs

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Do you think that masculinity and femininity are social constructs, or are they biologically/genetically determined?
(In other words, do boys/men act masculine and girls act feminine because of what they are taught and because of the models they see, or do boys act like boys and girls act like girls because of their genetic/biological makeup?)
I want to make an argument for each side and be able to defend my answers during discussion. I want to get opinions of what professional think about this topic. Please provide the URLs of the web pages (and/or references of books) if you use any. This doesn't need to be long. Maybe a paragraph or 2. Unless you have a lot to say about it..

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This solution provides a discussion on how our masculine/feminine constructs are biologically and socially determined. References used are included.

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Masculine/feminine constructs are biologically determined :

i) There are hormonal differences between the two genders which determine physiological differences such as facial hair , pitch of voice, breast development. For example, estrogen in women create a higher pitch voice, breast development and more feminine physical qualities.
Also, Transgenders who choose to complete their operation from man to a woman take estrogen supplements.
- studies on face recognition support that humans differentiate male and female constructs through biological determinants, such as the following:
Wiskott, L., Fellous, J. M., Krüger, N., & von der Malsburg, C. (1995). Face recognition and gender determination.

- discussion on ...

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