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Developmental Psychology

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There are five major perspectives of psychology used to explain a human behavior and mental processes. These five perspectives are Neuroscience, Psychodynamic, Behavioral, Cognitive and Humanistic.

Select two of the perspectives above: behavioral and the cognitive perspective. Then explain how culture, ethnicity, and race may influence ones behavior connected with these two perspectives.

Can someone please explain to me pacifically how a behavioral and cognitive perspective influences one's culture, ethnicity, and race?

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Select two of the five major perspectives of psychology used to explain human behavior and mental processes. Discuss how the two perspectives you have selected may explain how culture, ethnicity, and race may influence behavior). (behavioral and

Researchers in the behavioral field of psychology study emotions and/or behavioral problems. For instance, studies may concentrate on abnormalities in behavior in efforts to deem what is acceptable versus unacceptable behavior. The behavioral approach emphasizes objective, scientific analyses of what can actually be observed (Plotnik, l993, p. 13). Thus behavioral perspectives are focused on learning how individual behavior is shaped by experience in their social environment. The cognitive approach utilizes factors such as: schemas, expectancies emotions, human agency and self-efficacy as a basis for understanding how individuals process and interpret information from the environment n which they live, and in understanding ways in which people differ from one another. From a cognitive perspective, research may be drawn on cognitive-behavioral perspective focused on how people process information in the environment to affect specific behavioral outcomes.

Huynh-Nhu, Ceballo, Chao, Hill, Murray, & Pinderhughes, (2008) conducted their study from a behavorial perspective, and examined parenting styles among ...

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This solution examine two perspectives of psychology used to explain human behavior and mental processes.

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