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Goals, Nominal Group Technique and Time Frames

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? GOAL: Organize themes to discuss with total group that identify what we do well and what needs to change. Assign priorities to these themes: their importance at the specific level of organization for which the cross functional team is composed.

1. Process nominal group technique:

a. Describe what NGT is and how it works in general terms. On one page, create your facilitator notes for what you will say and show to the group to complete this task.

2. Present a detailed step-by-step outline-with time frames-for the group to follow in achieving the overall goal.

a. Describe how you would have the team group items together. (One option would be to use colored markers and have people star like items by color. Another might be to have people assign common letters to like items starting a new letter for any new common theme.)
b. Based on the choice you made above, would it be an individual task or a controlled group task? The object is to create as much participation and sharing of valid information to increase understanding and build commitment to the overall result.
c. These steps will create a list of themes. The following steps will set priorities for all themes that relate to being targets for change.
d. What voting method would you use? You can assign each person a certain number of "votes" to allocate across the items to set priorities or you can have each person mark each theme with a number or letter that indicates the level of the priority-for example, the ABC priority approach or HML (high, medium, and low priority) or a 1-10 scale where 10 is a key priority and 1 is a very low priority.
e. How do you summarize the results to create the top 3-5 issues to present to the overall group? Remember, you may need several rounds of "voting and discussion" to end up with a few key priorities for action. Estimate how much time each would take and how many rounds you feel are necessary.

I need help with these questions. I am looking for ideas and suggestions. Thank you.

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In reference to the stated goal and by responding to the questions, this solution describes the process of nominal group technique (NGT) and how it works. It also assists in creating a detailed step-by-step outline, with time frames, for the group to follow in achieving the overall goal. The other related questions are also addressed e,g, voting methods, etc.