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    Example of a multicultural experience

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    Using your multi-cultural experience...
    1) Describe your selected multi-cultural experience;
    2) Discuss your preconceived notions about the experience. Explain how your notions were impacted by group influence.
    3) Describe the reactions of those individuals at the event to your presence. Discuss the impact that these reactions had on your behavior.

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    I am not sure if you want to use your own ACTUAL experience with a multi-cultural experience but here is an example of a scenario you could use:

    I grew up in a predominantly Caucasian, upper class neighborhood. My parents divorced whan I was 15 and my mom had to move my brother and I closer to her work as she mom longer had a vehicle. She worked in East LA, so my brother and I had to change our ...

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    An example of multicultural experience is provided. The preconceived notions about the experience is given.