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    Group therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

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    Notes are given about chronic medical illnesses and group therapy. What issues does this population face, why do they need a group, what problems exist and is group therapy more effective than individual therapy?

    Also, what would take place in the group, what would a group member expect to take place and how will group progress be measured?

    Lastly, how will the outcome of the individual members be evaluated and how will the efficacy be demonstrated?

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    As you explore what issues does this population face, why do they need a group, and what problems exist, they commonly face anxiety, depression, and fatigue, as one article concurs:

    Abma, R. K. (2010). Depression and Fatigue Affect Memory Function in Patients With MS. Neurology Reviews, 18(8), 6.

    Abma reveals that "....mental depression and fatigue can have negative impacts on patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). It also notes that other memory problems in patients increase the risk of medication noncompliance, especially those with mental depression and fatigue. Moreover, it mentions that patients with depression have impairments in recall and recognition, resulting in diminished quality of life, increased social distress, and cognitive deficits" (6).

    Another article elaborates,

    Adelson, R. (2012). The three faces of fatigue: Physical, mental and emotional. Momentum (19403410), 5(3), 36-39.

    Adelson insists that "MS fatigue can be distinguished from ...

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    300 words of notes and references brainstorm ideas about the merits of group therapy for MS patients.