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    Threshold Auditory Stimuli"

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    Please provide examples of Threshold Auditory Stimuli cocktail party" phenomenon. Any suggestion and how would you use this above statement?

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    So, I'm not sure why the instructor put the words "Threshold Auditory Stimuli" in front of the term "cocktail party", maybe it was to be more descriptive of how/why this effect happens. I'll not address that part, I'll only address your request for examples and a brief description of the effect with some references that you can read for further information.

    The cocktail party effect is just as it sounds. Here is an excerpt from the Stifelman paper:
    " the human's ability to selectively attend to a single talker or stream of audio among
    a cacophony of others?to reduce the amount of time required to listen [Arons 1992, Cohen
    1992, Mullins 1993]. The premise is that by ...

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