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    Statistical probability: a short essay answer

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    If we rely on the likelihood principle and that principle was false, would our perception then be false, also? If we were in the middle of a study and the likelihood principle was not accurate, would we have to rely on other perceptions or start over with a whole new hypothesis?

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    Likelihood is presumptive and not accurately predictable, always. It is more based on chance and the hypothetical prediction of possible chance becoming a reality. Thus, human logical and right minded reasoning will have the human perception, not fully get influenced by chance or likelihood probabilistic chances and predictions based on such chances.

    Our perception will be false only to the extent that we really and truly want to know the flaw in our logical reasoning. As humans, we also are naturally drawn to justifying that we were right and that ...

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    The expert examines statistical probability for a middle of a study. A new hypothesis test is examined for perceptions and likelihood principles being false.... .