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    Slot machine gamblers and addiction

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    How is it that some individuals that play slot machines won't become addicted to gambling?
    Why and or how is this possible?
    Please discuss how addictive personalities play a role in this differential experience of addiction.
    What are some of the characteristics on people with addictive personalities?

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    When someone has an addictive personality, they are more likely to become addicted to things like drugs, sex, gambling, and drinking. Though "there is no single set of psychological characteristics that embrace all addictions" (Nelson, 1983, para 4), there are common, shared personality traits that those who have ...

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    This 176 word solution discusses why some people become addicted to gambling while other do not. The issue is addressed by highlighting the psychological characteristics of people with addictive personalities. Additionally, the solution provides two references for further investigation into the topic.