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Motivation Evaluation

Select a famous person in the media or in history and think about a choice that person has made.

Write a 350 word paper profiling this person and explain how each of the three views of motivation—psychoanalytic, humanistic, and diversity—may help understand his or her reasoning and choice.

Include a summary of the concepts and terms from Henry Murray's theory of needs.

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President Obama is a famous person in history due to the fact that he is the first black president that the United States has ever had, and a very important decision that he made was the decision to allow special operations forces to enter into Pakistan and to eliminate Osama bin Laden. The psychoanalytic view of motivation may help us to understand his reasoning and choice due to the fact that there are conscious as well as unconscious motivations within the psyche of President Obama that motivate him to take any course of action that would help to ensure the safety and well-being of United States citizens and others around the world. This would include the subconscious motivation to eradicate ...