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self-attribution theory

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How nature and nurture influence self-attribution and thereby affect cognitive development

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1.Self-attribution theory states that the way we interpret success or failure and our environment in a manner that helps us maintain our positive self-image.

2. Nature and Nurture impacts our self -attribution as our origins determine how we view ourselves and what we deem as positive traits ...

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Self-attribution theory and how it impacts cognitive development is examined.

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Self-Attribution and Cognitive Dissonance Theory

Describe the connection between self-attribution and cognitive dissonance. Include the following:

1. A summary of the research regarding the theoretical and empirical approaches to understanding the mental processes of self-attribution and cognitive dissonance.

2. A discussion of how nature and nurture influence self-attribution and thereby affect cognitive development.

3. A discussion of why individuals are motivated to resolve cognitive dissonance and how this is related to self-attribution.

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