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    Fine and Gross Motor Skills

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    What is the difference between fine and gross motor skills? What skills are typical for six, seven and eight year old children? Compare these skills to those of a three or four year old.

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    Fine motor skills refer to using the development of the muscles in the fingers and hands, and also includes coordination with the eyes. Gross motor skills refer to the development of the larger muscles of the body such as the muscles in the arms, legs and torso. Gross motor development also refers to the way that these muscles work together to allow a person to move.

    Most children in first or second grade (6-8 years old) have pretty well-developed gross motor skills. Typically ...

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    This solution begins by defining fine motor skills and gross motor skills. It then compare both fine and gross motor skills of children in first or second grade (age 6-8) with children in preschool.