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Attention Deficit Disorder

Perhaps no childhood disorder creates for controversy than Attention Deficit Disorder. Does it exist? What is the cause? Is it over-diagnosed? What is the relative importance of genetics, diet, and family environment? Etc. Just a tip of the iceberg is seen by going to a website as benign as Web MD:

What experiences have you had with ADD? Do you think it is a real disorder or a cop-out for poor parenting/unruly kids? Is it over diagnosed? Is it under-diagnosed? Should we be giving children stimulants to treat the disorder? Let's hear what you think and justify your position.

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My first experience with ADD, was when I worked as a group home rehabilitation tech, and I got to experience firsthand the ramifications of ADD. Many of the youngsters with ADD were very hyperactive, and seemed to be unable to control their hyperactivity, nor were these individuals able to concentrate on any one activity for very ...