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Marcia is a client of yours assigned because she was arrested for participating in an attempted breaking and entry incident last week. This is her fourth arrest and due to her age, you are concerned that if she does not change her behaviors now, she will end up in adult prison soon. You read her record and find out that she has been diagnosed with ADHD. She has not attended school all year and has not been home with her parents for the last two months. When you ask her about her goals, she says that she has none. Further, when you ask about her feelings about being arrested, she tells you that she has not done anything wrong, and hates you for interfering in her life. As a counselor trained in working with children and adolescents with behavioral disorders, you write your summary of your suggestions for helping Marcia to develop some strategies for managing her behaviors.

List your suggestions and explain how you think they can help.

What reasons do you think Marcia would give you when asked why she dropped out of school or left her parentsâ?? home? How does having a behavior disorder relate to the development of social skills?

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One of the first things that I would suggest in a case of this nature, is that Marcia be supervised by her parents and/or school counseling staff, to ensure that she takes any medication that may have been prescribed to her due to her diagnosis with ADHD. This is very important, due to the fact that any individuals that have been diagnosed with a mental condition such as ADHD, would benefit from taking their medications, which would help them to better cope with their day-to-day living conditions. In addition, failure to take the prescribed medication can result in the present conditions being exacerbated, which would only complicate ...