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Miller Experiment

Please help me explain the Miller's experiment

The typical pattern should show that subjects have little difficulty with the 5- and 7-item strings, but STM weakens as the string lengths creep into the 9-12 item range.

What length of string did you have difficulty with? Do you think this would change with age of subject, academic ability or socio-economic status of subject, a difference in the way you read the string of digits, or something else?

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In regards to the Miller experiment, I struggle with the 5-7 item string. This is because my short term memory is horrible, but have an excellent long-term memory. For example, I usually remember specific dates that were memorable, such as when I got married last year, but from day to day I cannot remember what day it is from the next. In my opinion, the ...

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This solution provided ways in which the Miller experiment is valid as well as if academic ability, socio-economic status, or if something else helps a person remember information better.