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    Global warming-long term consequences and causes

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    What are some possible long-term consequences of global warming? What international responses have addressed the problem of greenhouse gas emissions?

    Is gobal warming caused by fossil fuels form power plants?

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    There are many different opinions about how global warming will affect the planet. To find a consensus, a panel was appointed to determine the probabilities of different outcomes. This panel is called the Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). They are tasked with creating and comparing different models of climate change in order to predict possible outcomes. They issue assessments periodically, and their most recent is called the Fourth Assessment Report. It states that the long term consequences of global warming include changes in sea level, ocean chemistry, terrestrial ecosystems, and weather patterns (Solomon 2007). The polar ice caps hold large quantities of water above sea level. As they melt, water flows into the oceans and sea level rises. This melting affects ocean salinity, since the ice caps are comprised of fresh water. Higher CO2 content in the air also acidifies ocean water.

    The impact of sea level are the result of the melting of the polar ice caps and glaciers and thermal expansion of water. One of the most disturbing of these, in terms of human impact, is the rise in sea level. Most of the sea level ...

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    Possible long-term consequences of global warming and international responses to the issue.