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    Auditory Processing Disorder and Psychology

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    I need help writing a two page summary on Auditory Processing Disorder. Just a breakdown of what it is and how it pertains to psychology.

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    Being a special education teacher I have worked closely with many students who have Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). Students with this disorder can not process the language they hear as a typically developing child. Language is the basis for development and learning from infancy to late childhood. In my experience, APD often goes unnoticed until children reach school age. This is because problems with APD usually occur in loud environments with a decent amount of background noise. This would include many school environments such as; classrooms, playgrounds, cafeterias, sports, etc. APD typically affects the child's ability to process and notice slight differences in sound. This can potentially cause problems in reading and math as well as speech and language delays. Identifying children with APD ...

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    This response provides an explanation of what Auditory Processing Disorder is and the roll School Psychologists have in diagnosis of APD in the educational setting.